FREE SHIPPING ON ENITRE SITE (Continental USA ONLY). Expect order in 5 business days or less. We ship same or next day. 7 designs (Non - HD, All with holes) ship for $5 to Canada (Bones, Tattoo, Hockey,  Blank Black, Football, Basketball, Sexy Tattoo Girl, Alice and Seattle Seahawks). Our tables have pre-drilled holes for easy re-racking and also the prevention of the common party foul from that drunk guy or gal. Helps on windy days and the occasion cup knock over when swiping at a bounced ball. Perfect table when children are present.  Holes are designed to be played with the standard Red Solo Cups. Cup sit about 1/4 the way down.  The MDF table is designed to be lightweight.  So if you plan on doing keg stands on this table, then this table is not for you.

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