How do you make the holes in a beer pong table?

How do you measure out the cup holes in a beer pong table before you drill them?  What measurements do you use?

1) Take a red solo cup and turn it over.  Use the TOP of the cup and draw the common 10 hole triangle.  Usually this is 4 inches in diameter circle.  Make sure all the edges of each circle are touching.  This makes sure that when you are finished the edges of the cups are touching when cups are upright and in the holes.

2) Once your template is drawn, draw another circle inside each circle.  The diameter of the inside circle will depend on how far you want the cups to sit.  If you make the inside circle 3.5 inch in diameter, the space between each cup hole will be 1 inch.  Cut out the inside circle and voila!

NOTE:  If the distance between each cup hole is 1 inch, make sure the distance is also 1 inch DIAGONALLY.