San Francisco 49ers Heavy Duty Beer Pong Table HD

$ 180.00 $ 165.00

Note:  Red is not a bright red.  See photos.

WARNING – Table is new but due to poor manufacturing quality control… when you focus closely on the artwork, there are imperfections in the printing (smudges, smears, and small knicks). Please be aware before purchasing.  Nothing major.

This does NOT ship to Canada for $5.

Comes with the 22 pre-drilled cup holes.  Please request a quote for shipping to Canada.

Remove the table top triangle to reveal the holes.  Keep on to play without the holes for unlimited cup arrangements.  Use this as a table to play flip cup or any other game.
Unlike other tables, this table can handle some beating and can hold over 100lbs in weight.
There is no break in the middle making this table even sturdier.
Stands 30 inches tall (not like the short 27 inch tables out there). 
Hang the triangle and wash cup cover under the table when not in use.
Play with or without cup holes.
Remove triangle cover to reveal holes.
Sturdy – Double as a table
Made of plastic and steel

Dimensions: 8 x 2 x 2.5 feet
Weight Capacity: 150 lbs
Folds: 4 X 2 Feet
Weight: 36 lbs

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