Changing the game of beer pong with a newly designed beer pong table.

Coming soon is our newly patent pending beer pong table design. This table will allow you to play with or without the cup holes. The benefits of cup holes while still having unlimited cup arrangements. Not to mention it will be sturdy enough to double as an actual table. You’ll even be able to do keg stands on this table if that is what your into. Lol. 

We are giving away an Ashley Vee Beer Pong Table on Instagram!

Our kickstarter video for a new beer pong table design.

This is The Pong Squad kickstarter video promoting a new sturdy beer pong table that not only acts as a table but allows you to play with or without the cup holes.  We all know the benefits of the cup holes but how cup holes can limit your cup arrangements.  Well this design allows for both not to mention its strength compared to todays portable beer pong tables.

How do you make the holes in a beer pong table?

How do you measure out the cup holes in a beer pong table before you drill them?  What measurements do you use?

1) Take a red solo cup and turn it over.  Use the TOP of the cup and draw the common 10 hole triangle.  Usually this is 4 inches in diameter circle.  Make sure all the edges of each circle are touching.  This makes sure that when you are finished the edges of the cups are touching when cups are upright and in the holes.

2) Once your template is drawn, draw another circle inside each circle.  The diameter of the inside circle will depend on how far you want the cups to sit.  If you make the inside circle 3.5 inch in diameter, the space between each cup hole will be 1 inch.  Cut out the inside circle and voila!

NOTE:  If the distance between each cup hole is 1 inch, make sure the distance is also 1 inch DIAGONALLY.





Red solo cup measurement marks

Just in case ya’ll didn’t already know.




Beer Pong Tables, Custom and Portable Pong Tables – The Pong Squad

Portable beer pong tables with pre-drilled cup holes, perfect for your next BBQ or tailgate party. Free shipping on all items.

Please post your beer pong tables photos in action here.

We would love to see all our customers in action using our beer pong tables.  Please post them on this blog or even post them on instagram using #thepongsquad.

The Masters of Beer Pong is coming July 2013 in Las Vegas.

Register now for the Masters of Beer Pong held at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas.

Entry Fee – $250 for Guys, $50 for Girls

The Masters of Beer Pong™ is 2013’s brand new major beer pong tournament brought to you by BPONG. With a lot of aspects reinvented to ensure an amazing time and an increased prize pool amount, this event is surely going to be the greatest beer pong spectacle to date. Separating the hotel package and the event allows Beer Pong players to chose where they stay and gives Las Vegas locals the choice to sleep in the comfort of their own beds.

San Francisco 49er Beer Pong table is here!

As requested, an all 49ers beer pong table has arrived.

Has the word FAITHFUL behind San Francisco’s skyline with a silhouette of Colin Kappernick infamous touchdown pose.

…and of course, “Who’s got it better then us?, NOBODY!”

LA Laker vs LA Clippers beer pong table

Available NOW!!
Now that the LA Clippers are a team to be recon with….Who’s house is the Staples center?
Here is a beer pong table that all LA locals will love to have.

Who’s House? Beer Pong Table.

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Coming Soon!  San Francisco Giants Beer Pong Table

Coming Soon! San Francisco Giants Beer Pong Table

Just arrived and available now.

San Francisco Giant beer pong table design with San Francisco skyline (bay bridge) alone with coke bottle and glove in the background.

Introducing the next great American pastime: beer pong by Rick Reilly

There is only one place I know that combines tiny balls, plastic cups and vats of beer. Besides Jose Canseco’s house, that is.

It’s a beer pong tournament. This is a sport that requires a steady hand, faulty hearing and a titanium liver. It’s believed that 73% of all tuition money goes toward it.

Beer pong is played on a table slightly smaller than Ping-Pong’s, by teams of two. Ten cups, filled about one-third with beer, are set like bowling pins at the ends. As you try to toss or bounce a Ping-Pong ball into the cups on the side opposite yours, opponents jump and yell unspeakables about your mother. If you make it, they must drink it. First team to sink all 10 cups wins. It’s very sophisticated.


But the beer pong I play is nothing like the kind in the World Series of Beer Pong, which I covered recently at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. That’s where North America’s 414 best pong teams competed for the $50,000 first prize. Second prize: bubkes. Gulp.

You have never seen such large people throw such tiny objects into such small receptacles with such hair-raising frequency. The best teams hit about 70% of their shots on the eight-foot tables. That’s like pitching a quarter into a parking meter slot seven times out of 10.